The chinese dragon

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The Chinese Dragon

The chinese dragon

Published in August 2009

Book 12 in the Theo and Ramona series


Text on the back cover of The Chinese Dragon:


Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi and Emperor Wu allowed no one to stand in their way in their struggle for power and eternal life. Theo and Ramona are unfortunate enough to travel back in time and meet with these two frightening figures of China's past. They are thrown into whirl of adventures that are as scary as they are dangerous at the same time as they are absolutely fascinating. They witness murder and plotting at close hand. And finally, they find that even their own lives are threatened.


Don't miss this exciting and unusual story! This is a book you won't be able to put down!



An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.




What the reviewers had to say about The Chinese Dragon:


"Just like in previous books about Theo and Ramona, people and places are well described and you can't wait to see how the plot is going to develop... This is a very readable book indeed."

BTJ, lektör Agneta Blomgren



Excerpt from The Chinese Dragon:


Before Ramona got a chance to realize what was happening, the man had begun to make a tattoo on her upper arm. She had not been asked to choose a motif, yet she had no objection, and she excitedly waited to see what would emerge. She had a feeling that the man would not take no for an answer. He had decided what she would wear on her arm, ant that was that.


It hurt, but not as badly as she had imagined. The man never stopped talking. He talked about Chinese customs, about tattoos and about the very tattoo he was busy doing at the moment.


"This is a magic dragon. I only do it for very special people," said the Chinaman and looked at Ramona with fire in his eyes.


Theo and Ramona couldn't understand why his words sent a shiver down their spines. Ramona's eyes vere glued to the man's. It was as if they were lit from within. Ramona suddenly wished that she had never thought of getting a tattoo, but she just couldn't stop the man and walk away. She sat there stiffly, patiently enduring the pricking of the needle.


"The history of the dragon design is very special. Only the emperor was allowed to use it - he was the Dragon. The imperial dragon has five claws. The dragon is a symbol of strength."


Ramona felt a tingling sensation, she knew it well, but she didn't interpret it as a warning sign. Instead, she just sat there while the man continued to work on her tattoo.


Emperor Wu Tzetian was the first and only woman ruler in China. She lived during the Tang Dynasty, 618-970 AD. She was a strong and evil woman. She had only one goal in life: to reign supreme, not just being an empress regnant. This was a fantastic period of luxury and affluence, beautiful clothes, dancing and culture. The Tang Dynasty was a very special time in history."


Theo and Ramona were fascinated by what the man had to say. They had read quite a lot about China, and they were very interested in the country itself as well as in its culture. Both dreamt of travelling there to walk along the Great Wall, see the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta soldiers in Xi'an and many of the other things they had read about.


Theo watched as the bright red dragon was taking shape on Ramona's arm. He suddenly felt less against the tattoo than he had done before. It was a very beautiful dragon.


The man gave Ramona's arm a wipe and examined his work.


"With one of these dragons tattooed in the right place you can get anything you wish for. But be careful, your wish may be fulfilled", said the Chinaman and gave Ramona a stern look.


It was as if he were trying to tell her something by his intense gaze, then he quickly turned away. Ramona immediately understood what he was trying to say; and she decided to give it a go. Nothing really bad was likely to happen... Theo was with her after all. He always proteced her; he was always by her side, no matter what...


Theo noticed a sparkle in Ramona's eyes as she held up her arm and looked at the red dragon. Then she put her hand over the tattoo, mumbled a few words, and before Theo even had a chance to understand what was happening, Ramona was gone.


He kept staring at the empty chair. Ramona had gone off time travelling, without him! But where had she gone to? He must try and follow her in case something bad happened. He immediately knew how to do it, and even though he only a moment ago had been very much against tattoos, he knew that he would have to get one. It had to be a dragon exactly the same as Ramona's. She must have travelled back in time with the help of her dragon.


"Your friend was in a hurry to leave", said the Chinaman as he turned round and saw the empty chair.


Theo didn't like the look on his face. It was as if he knew what had happened, as if he had told Ramona the story so that she would want to go. What kind of plans had the man been making for them? Whatever they were, he had no choice but to follow her!


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