The Guillotine

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The Guillotine

The Guillotine

Released in August 2007

Book 8 in the Theo and Ramona series


Text on the back cover of The Guillotine:


It is the year 1793, the French people are revolting and execute their King using a guillotine. Destiny brings the guillotine into the lives of Theo and Ramona and the consequences are terrifying.


"Just let me feel it", Ramona whispered, touching the handle of the Guillotine. Theo called out. He took a hold of Ramona which made her twitch and release the handle.


The sharp blade of the guillotine fell with a swishing, ominous sound. With a thud the head fell into the basket. Ramona fell to the ground.




An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.



What the reviewers had to say about The Guillotine:


"Extremely well written! This is an author who has a lot to tell the readers of today."

Lars-Olof Wiksten, Radio Blekinge.


"The more you read, the deeper you get entangled in the story, and finally I can't go on reading for fear the book might end!" Kristina Fridensköld, Ph.D.


"Kim has created an adventure story, excellent and correct in its description of history."

Annelie Nilsson.


"A very vivid description of the Revolution... the historical facts are woven into the story very naturally. The book is a must for the lover of historical novels - thrilling and exciting!"

BTJ, publishers reader Agneta Blomgren.


"The book ends in a real cliffhanger and you can't wait to read the next book in the series."

BTJ, publishers reader Anna Wilner.


"The book was FANTASTIC and I could not tear myself away from it. This must be the best of Kim's books."

Christoffer van Woensel.



Excerpt from The Guillotine:


I won't let her do it! I won't let her do it! Theo thought and lengthens his steps to get there in time to stop Ramona.


Ramona had just reached the frame were the pane of glass shortly would be fasten to avoid people to touch the guillotine. When the pane of glass was in place… Well, then it wasn't a chance in the world that someone would let her touch this historical object. She didn't were any white gloves, but she thought that one single touch could harm the guillotine. It was of solid wood and steel. Ramona leaped over the frame, towards the guillotine.


Before the fire alarm had sounded the men had just attached the sharp blade of the guillotine, high up at the wooden frame, but they hadn't been able to fasten a safety catch. It was their intention to fasten the blade with a steel wire so that no one could release the handle that set free the sharp blade by mistake. Some one could be hurt very badly. Some one could be injured very, very badly; Ramona thought and reached her hand towards the handle. She was so fascinated about the guillotine that she totally had forgotten about the ghastly nightmare. The one she previous had taken as a warning that something terrible was going to happen.


"I shall just touch", Ramona whispered and grabbed the handle on the guillotine.


At the same moment Theo stood beside her and screamed terrified when he saw what she had done. Ramona didn't understand why Theo screamed. In the next moment she felt how Theo tears her hand, which made her wrench and by mistake release the handle. Horrified they all three looked at the guillotine when the blade fell with a swishing fateful sound.


But it was only Theo and Ramona who screamed of horror when the blade of the guillotine reached its target. Robert was no longer with them. No sound of sirens was heard. Instead a roar from an excited crowed came towards them.

With a thud the head fell into the basket and the blood splashed. Ramona fell to the ground...


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