Theo's Pompeii

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Theo's Pompeii


Published in June 2010

Book 13 in the Theo and Ramona series

Theo's Pompeii

Text on the back cover of Theo's Pompeii:


One August morning in the year 79 A.D. in the city of Pompeii at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, Theo witnesses something that changes his life forever. As a result, he turns to a fortune teller, and what she tells him shifts him straight into new, frightening adventures in an attempt to evade the disastrous destiny that awaits him.


In this fascinating story of Theo's life in Pompeii, his own story is interwoven with Roman history. The reader follows the drama that unfolds, and that makes Theo the young man he is when he meets Ramona. It is a book full of nerve-tingling adventures in the lead up to the eruption of Vesuvius that destroys Pompeii.


A captivating story governed largely by twists of fate.




What the reviewers had to say about Theo's Pompeii:


Proofreaders reactions to Theo's Pompeii:

"This is an excellent beginning to the whole series about Theo and Ramona, giving the reader the necessary background to understand Theo's life. Good flow, and excitement but without being too scary." Kristina Fridensköld


"Kimselius best book yet! Her language has developed incredibly. I can't wait for the next book, and the one after that and the one after that!" Annelie Nilsson


"Another great reading experience. I had goose bumps all over. Getting to know Theo better made me want to reread the other books, since it gave them an added dimension." Ann-Christin Ahlberg




Excerpt from Theo's Pompeii:


Something unexpected was about to happen to Theo: something incredible that would change his whole life. But for the moment, he had no idea about it. Life was just preceeding, in its usual routine way.


He had some friends, though not many. One of them was the baker, Popidius Priscus, who would witness the prelude to the events. Theo had an older brother, Marius, who was always there to help him when he needed help, but who also loved to play embarrassing jokes on him. Theo's younger sister Livia thought she was the center of the universe, and her main focus was what kind of hair day she was having. Livia, too, came to play a significant role as events unfolded.


Theo's moter Urgulanilla and his very strict father Romulus were going to cause him many number of problems. He also had his dog, Pluto. Well, Pluto wasn't really Theo's. He actually belonged to a friend of his father's whose name was Primus, but Theo loved taking care of and being with Pluto, and since Theo had known Pluto since puppyhood, they were inseparable. In fact, it was Pluto who turned Theo's life upside down, forcing him into the most difficult decision he had ever had to make. It was a decision that saved both his own and Pluto's life.


But before we reach that fateful day, there was a whole series of events that made Theo into the boy he was on the day he had to make up his mind in an instant. If his life until that day had been very different, he would undoubtedly have made up his mind in a different way, which might have doomed both him and his beloved dog Pluto to death. Let's see what happened...




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