Viking Thrall

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The Viking Thrall


Released in 2004

Book 5 in the Theo and Ramona series

Viking Thrall

Text on the back cover of The Viking Thrall:


The storm was upon Theo and Ramona before they had a chance to react. Suddenly they were thrown into the water together with their dog Pluto.


Before Theo was dragged under water he saw something very odd: a big vessel with a square red sail with a dragonhead in black. Along the gunwale of the ship were round colourful shields with complicated patterns and in the prow he notices a malicious dragonhead. A Viking ship!


Theo and Ramona realise that the peaceful fishing trip has turned into something far more dangerous. They have once again travelled in time, back to the 1.000 th century and the time of the Vikings. Now a life-and-death struggle begins.



"With her first historical adventure book Back to Pompeii Kim M. Kimselius made an astounding debut and she has ever since thrilled readers of all ages with her breath-taking books full of historical details. In her books Kim mixes fact with fantasy in such an ingenious and captivating way that you can't stop reading. Kim's books thrill the reader for a couple of hours and give knowledge for life."



An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.



What the reviewers had to say about The Viking Thrall:


”The story takes place in the age of the Vikings and is described by a distinct, knowing storyteller who weaves a trustworthy historical reality into the loom of fiction. The story is told with genuine warmth and the characters are described in a way that catches the reader.”

BTJ, publishers reader Thomas Storn.


“The author mixes historical facts with fantasy and fiction, creating a fascinating colourful and exciting weave. It is impossible to put the book down until the last threads have been woven together.”

BTJ, publishers reader Lars Rask.


"Kim Kimselius has a enticing way of writing and her stories may be read with great pleasure by both grown-ups and young people."

Commersen, Peter Enckell, editor in chief.


"The stories are so thrilling that it is hard to believe that they are based on historical facts."

Sydostran, Hakan Kjellgren.


"Kim Kimselius' books are of equal interest to all ages - therefore they are of unique quality."

BLT, Anders Haraldsson.



Excerpt from The Viking Thrall:


“Now, Ramona! Now it's our turn!” Theo whispered. “Get up on your feet, be prepared. You know what is coming. Set Pluto on the guards as soon as I'm out of the cage. 'Attack' is the command.”


“Why don't you tell him?” Ramona wondered, insecure whether she had the courage to give that command to Pluto.


“They expect me to do something, but not you, my little weak brother, seeming so unsure of life”, Theo said and smiled at Ramona, to soothe the harsh words.


A quick rage had risen inside of her, but it calmed down just as quick when she saw Theo's smile. He meant well. He wanted the Vikings to see her as small and weak, although they were trying to make her look big and strong. She wondered which was best for her. What roll did she want to play? Or did she want to be just Ramona and not the Viking boy Ram?


“Now! Stand up!” Theo whispered intense, when he realised Ramona was still sitting down on the ground looking hesitant. “UP!”


Ramona struggled to get up with Pluto's help. Why didn't Theo help her? He usually did. She looked at him. He stood there resolute and focused, staring out of the cage, his muscles tense, like ready for a jump. Ramona's breathing got short and panting. She was scared, so very scared, in spite of the fact she had both Theo and Pluto with her. She said a short prayer to her ancestors for help. She had learnt that when she was with the Inca Indians. And somewhere among these Vikings maybe there was an ancestor to her. Who knew if the woman over there was her great-great-great-great grandmother, or something like that, or the man next to her was her great-great-great-great grandfather. The thought calmed her down and her breathing turned normal. If any of these people were her relatives they couldn't be dangerous.


But it was a devious thought, because none of the people standing around her had any idea that Theo and Ramona came from the future and that they could be distant relatives. All they saw were new thralls, with little different clothes than the other thralls and people surrounding them, otherwise they didn't see anything different. Ramona wouldn't get any help from any of these Vikings, whatever she thought.


The man in charge of the thralls and the bidding, sent one of his men in Theo's and Ramona's direction to bring them out from the cage. Theo was prepared; he was vibrating from withheld energy. He more felt than saw that Ramona was standing there right behind him with Pluto by her side. He heard her short breath and understood that she also was ready and prepared. They would make it! The door was unlocked and opened and Theo took a leap out of the cage, at the same time screaming at the top of his voice:




Ramona opened her mouth to give Pluto the command, but not a sound passed over her lips. Instead she stared surprised at what was happening outside the cage and before she had come to her senses someone put a hand over her mouth. Pluto got a snare around his nose and another around his neck. And then everything was too late, much too late, before she had recovered from her surprise.


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