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Facts about Kim M. Kimselius

Place of birth: Hisingen, Gothenburg in 1954.

Kim grew up in Gothenburg. Moved to Lindholmen outside Stockholm 1979, when she meet Jan who she married 1982. She lives in Eringsboda, County of Blekinge, since 1995.

Kim has four dogs, three Bernese Mountain Dogs called Namie, Tola and Pluto, and one Polski Owczarek Nizinny (PON) called Tickie. She also has five cats: Silke, Sotis, Tiger, Grynet and Piccolina.

Kim writes historical adventure stories for children and teenagers, but she has readers of all ages - the oldest up till now is 98 years old (as far as she knows).

Kim's first historical adventure story was "Back to Pompeii" which was published at Christmas 1997.

Published books so far:

Back to Pompeii, Wahlström's publisher 1997, revised edition Roslagstext publisher 2004

I am not a witch, Wahlström's publisher 1998, revised edition Roslagstext publisher 2005

The Curse of Pharaoh, Roslagstext publisher 2002

The Hidden Inca City, Roslagstext publisher 2003

Viking Thrall, Roslagstext publisher 2004

The Black Death, Roslagstext publisher 2005

Snapphanar - a Swedish guerilla, Roslagstext publisher 2006

The Guillotine, Roslagstext publisher 2007

The Knight's sword, Roslagstext publisher 2008

The forgotten war 1808-1809, Roslagstext publisher 2008

A journey with Snapphanar, Roslagstext publisher 2009

The Chinese Dragon, Roslagstext publisher 2009

Kimberlie - Adventure on New Zealand, Roslagstext publisher 2009

Kimberlie - A new life, Roslagstext publisher 2010

Theo's Pompeii, Roslagstext publisher 2010

Boudica's Battle with the Romans, Roslagstext publisher 2010

Kimberlie - Strangers, Roslagstext publisher 2011

Life and death in the shadow of the World War II, Roslagstext publisher 2011

The flight from terror of the World War II, Roslagstext publisher 2011

They Maya Secret, Roslagstext publisher 2012

The Joy of writing, Roslagstext Publisher 2012

The day everything changed, Roslagstext publisher 2012

Mysrys - Short stories, Roslagstext publisher 2012

Back to Pompeii, english edition, Roslagstext publisher 2013

The Pearl of Persia, Roslagstext publisher 2013

The ghost at the bog, Roslagstext publisher 2013

The Moonstone, Roslagstext publisher 2013

Save my brother, Roslagstext publisher, 2014

The fate of Anastasia, Roslagstext publisher, 2014

The horror trip with Titanic, Roslagstext publisher, 2014

The town on the other side – The compass, Roslagstext publisher, 2015

Swedish Pompeii The fate of Sandby borg, Roslagstext publisher, 2015

To find the joy of writing, Roslagstext Publisher, 2015

TudorRose – Struggle for the power, Roslagstext publisher, 2015

Kim's debut was an immense success, she sold 11.000 copies IN ONE WEEK! According to Wahlström's publisher a debutant usually sells around 200-300 boks in ONE year (1997). Kim was immediately called "the Astrid Lindgren of Blekinge" by the media, due to the big interest in the book.

In 1999 Kim received a Cultural prize with the following motivation: "In appreciation of her books which inspire children and teenagers to read and write stories of their own. In her historical novels for the young she brings historical events to life in an interesting way - without history there is no future. In meeting young people by telling stories in writing or in the spoken word she contributes to our cultural life."

She has also been nominated to a Cultural prize in 2007.

Her books have been translated to Serbic, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, English and Islandic.

Kim also gives frequent lectures in museum, schools, libraries and radio programs, in Sweden and Finland.

Kim has always been fond of words and she started to work at the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten in Gothenburg. Since then she has worked in Advertising agencies, printers and finally, in 1981, she started her own Advertising agency in Vallentuna, Stockholm. Kim became a full time writer in 1998 and is now making a living as an author.

Kim loves dogs, nature, gardering and above all: to write books!

She is very active at her blog.

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