Kim M. Kimselius


Kim's historical books are in the form of time travel. The leading characters are a boy, Theo, and a girl, Ramona. They live in the 21 st century but travel in time to exciting places of the past. The books are filled with historical facts but Kim's way of writing and her flowing language make them easy and enjoyable to read. The books are often used by history teachers as a teaching aid.



The purpose with this lecture is to inspire children to read and write more. Kim describes how she became an author. She gives useful tips on reading and writing and then she reads a chapter from one of her books. The pupils are then asked to start writing in order to continue the story where Kim finished reading or choose a person from the chapter and elaborate on him/her.

Suitable for ages 10-15 years. Duration: 1-2 lessons.

Poetry and rhyme

The purpose is to make the children enjoy their own writing of rhymed and poetical texts. Suitable for ages 7-12 years. Duration: 2 lessons.

The influence of fairy tales and the power of words

Kim with kidsKim talks about the influence of stories and fairy tales and the importance and power of words in everyday life. Kim describes how she became an author. She gives useful tips on reading and writing. Duration: 2 lessons.

Under the headline "The influence of fairy tales and the power of words" Kim has held three different lectures at the same school: one for the parents, then one for the pupils and a third for the teachers.

Fairy tale lectures

In this lecture Kim talks about fairy tales: what they really are and the difference between a fairy tale and a story. Kim inspires the children to write their own tales and make their own storybooks. Suitable for ages 7-10 years. Duration: 2 lessons.

Creation of character and description of the social background

Here you learn how to create a character and describe the surrounding life.

Kim tries to make the kids understand what it means to give a person a special character, and inspire the pupils. She describes how she become an author and what writing means to her. Suitable for 10-15 years. Duration: half or whole day.

Extended creation of background

Here Kim tries to inspire the children to create the “extra specials”. They learn how to really describe what the surrounding looks like, to express much with only a few words, describe the main characters with very simple means. Or – in short - make them write a story. Suitable for 10-15 years. Duration: half or whole day.

Historical lectures

The lectures are on each historical topic that Kim has chosen for her books: Pompeii and the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, the persecution of witches (17 th century), the pharaoh Tutanchamun and Egypt, the Inca Indians and the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors and the age of the Vikings.

Kim also gives a short presentation of herself as an author. Every lecture is adjusted to suit the age of the audience. Duration : 60-120 minutes.

The purpose of all lectures is to give inspiration to children to read and write. They are also taught the fact that they are quite OK just the way they are, and made understand that you don't have to spell the words correctly to create a good story. In short, getting the feeling of confidence in themselves.


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