Tsunami catastrophe in Lisbon

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Tsunami catastrophe in Lisbon

The Knight's sword

Published in 2018

Book 23 in the Theo and Ramona series


Text on the back cover of Tsunami catastrophe in Lisbon:

An earthquake occurs in the sea near Lisbon, Portugal, November 1, 1755. The earthquake is very powerful. The quake causes major damage to the city. Theo and Ramona are in the center of the disaster. They fight for their lives, together with all the other victims. The people who managed to breathe out without knowing what's waiting for them. Half an hour after the quake comes a multi-meter high tsunami. In the midst of the giant wave are the survivors who moved down to the harbor to escape falling buildings and the ravages of the fire. Once again, they must fight to survive.

A living depiction of the events that took many of the city's life and wrecked most of Lisbon. An unforgettable reading!


An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.



What the reviewers had to say about Tsunami catastrophe in Lisbon:

"Kim has impressed in a timely manner factual facts in his captivating novel about the tsunami disaster in Lisbon. The book lives Lisbon 1755 in a moving and committed way, both cultural and geographical. Kim tells with great empathy about a world-historical disaster. Good drive to the city of Lisbon today and yesterday! Providing introduction to Lisbon as a tourist destination!" Teachers Märtha and Thomas Rebert

"Kim has an incredible ability to make people and environments alive only through their words. I can easily see, smell and experience the same horror that the people in the book do when they fall into a natural disaster. But in the midst of all misery there is also a beautiful description of the city of Lisbon as it may have looked before the earthquake. Kim takes you on a wonderful trip to her Lisbon. Her love of the city shines through every word. " Ingela Svensson

"I was incredibly surprised by Kim taking me on a world trip through time. She took me to Lisbon in 1755. From her story, I could feel, see and hear what happened every now and then. She painted a world that was simple for me to see. Kim tells me a living way and teach me history on the road. When I hear about something that's interesting, I'm looking for it. I searched for the Tsunami disaster in Lisbon and learned that it actually happened once in time, it made the book even more interesting, Kim has made me want to go to Lisbon and visit places that are important to the country. I would also like to make a trip in time. Imagine if it had been possible. Kim has written the book in a way which makes it very easy to read. It has many chapters that I think are positive. It only makes me want to read a chapter, and one more, and one more .... and that's what I did. It did not take long for me to read out the book. Kim has included both historical facts and pictures from her research while in Lisbon. Thanks to that, I have come to know both the country and the city. Lovely. Thank you Kim for the exciting and very interesting book. "Elisabeth Andersson, mother to seven children



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