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Welcome to Kim M. Kimselius!

Kim M. Kimselius writes her books for children and teenagers, but parents and grandparents enjoy her stories immensely (if they manage to get a hold of them)!

After the blockbuster success with her first book, Back to Pompeii, in December 1997, Kim Kimselius has entertained and thrilled readers of all ages. Her stories are accurate in historical facts and full of details and she mixes the facts with fiction in a captivating way. The reader can't put the book down until the last pages are read and the adventure has come to an end.

Readers of Kim's books enjoy a couple of hours of suspense and gain knowledge to last them a lifetime.

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Back to Pompeji was elected as one of the best youth books of the year by the booksellers on Iceland 2009

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Back to Pompeii is available in English.

About Back to Pompeii

"The choking ash that finally and inevitably lays a suffocating blanket over the city is frighteningly described. Back to Pompeii is a good read and a book I would happily put in the hands of any 12-to-15-year-old.

(And it wouldn’t bore the pants off their parents either.)"

Teacher and translator John Nixon


"I just finished Back to Pompeii.

Wow! What an exciting (and fairly terrifying) story!

I would really love to know more about the adventures of Theo, Pluto and Ramona." Dr. Sarah Russell

The author Bodil Mårtensson about Kim's books:

"Kim Kimselius never disappoints her readers!

With exciting stories, wonderful language and a great sense to interest readers. Kim gives a reading experience that lasts much longer than the book itself.

Kim's engaging storytelling gives true reading pleasure. "

Pure joy and easy to read. Very well written, and awesome edutainment.

Tuvia Pollack

Kim sponsor the Adlawan school

in the Philippines

The school of Adlawan

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